How to Find a Job at University

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Most university students are just starting out in their financial journeys, so it makes sense that making ends meet can feel a bit challenging. The pressure of meeting their living and study expenses often pushes many students to look for jobs.

But finding a job at university might not seem easy. Many in-demand positions are taken quickly, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find the right fit. With perseverance and a little creative thinking, here’s how you can find work during your time at university. 


Job Search Tips for University Students

Perhaps the most challenging part of searching for a job at university is finding an opportunity that caters to your skillset. Students generally don’t have much work experience, so they cannot expect a high-paying job. 

Moreover, university students cannot work extended hours as it goes against the law. Most well-paying jobs require significant work experience and flexible timing, which can be challenging to meet for students. 

However, you can use the following tips to find a job that can help you meet your expenses while being a student:


1. Check Your University’s Website

Perhaps the best way to stay up to date with job vacancies at university is by checking your university’s website. These websites have immense resources to help students find employment. 

Make sure to visit the Career Services or Career Section of the university website to see on-campus vacancies and short-term opportunities. In most cases, these sections list the job openings and summarize the job description and requirements. 


2. Use Your Connections and Networks

Networking is one of the most underrated ways to land a job. But, it is a great way to find a job either on or off campus. And, it can even lead to opportunities you might not have even considered.

Remember that building your network is also a great way to get your name out there so that you’re not just a faceless resume. Of course, it’s more than walking up to people you don’t know and telling them about yourself. It’s a mindset, or a way to approach your professional relationships and leverage your connections.

As such, it’s a good idea to meet new people and nurture relationships during and after university life. Who knows, one of your connections may help you to land your dream job. Besides face-to-face networking, you could also use LinkedIn to meet people you associate with and explore opportunities.


3. Look Out for Seasonal Opportunities

Many companies do seasonal hirings based on business flow because some seasons draw more customers and are more profitable than others, such as the holidays and summertime. 

Seasonal jobs are great for university students because they allow you to earn money and get some experience on your resume, typically when you don’t have to worry about classes. Also, you can choose to work long hours to make more money and add credibility to your experience. 

It is a good idea to drop your resume off at nearby stores and offices. We recommend talking to a manager or an authoritative figure face-to-face to build rapport, so you’re on their radar when an opportunity comes up. 


4. Get an Internship

Most employers look for work experience and specialized skills. If you lack work experience and the required skills, consider an internship to get your foot in the door.

Although not very well-paying, internships give you the chance to have professional experience, learn new skills, and prove your worth to your employer. And based on your performance, the company could eventually offer you a well-paying job.


5. Search for Opportunities Online

There are hundreds of job search websites out there that you can use to find employment opportunities. For example, you could use Robert Half, CareerBuilder, Indeed, LinkedIn, and others to apply for jobs.

The good news is that most student residences and rooms for rent in Oshawa have fast and free internet for students. So you can use this opportunity to look up jobs online. 

Make sure to filter your job search, turn your notifications on for daily updates and openings. If possible, upload a well-crafted resume to the job search websites as it helps simplify the job application process.


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