How to Make Your Student Apartment Feel Like Home

Decorating your student apartment to match your personality will transform it from a place you live into a home. Although the prospect of decorating a new apartment can feel daunting, all it actually takes is a few simple additions.

1. Cover the Walls

There’s nothing more impersonal than bare walls. The good news is walls are one of the easiest things to decorate. As well as art, you can hang posters, framed photos, or even a tapestry. If you want to save money, create your own pictures for your walls. There’s no need to be an art student — printing out photos and pasting them together in a collage is a great way to bring memories to your new space.

2. Add Warmth to the Floor

Once you’ve finished decorating the walls, turn your attention to the floor. Use rugs to add colour and style — and to keep your feet warm! Make sure you choose a material that will be easy to maintain and won’t show stains.

3. Make a Luxurious Bed

To do well at university, you need a comfortable bed. As well as choosing bedding that’s soft and warm, pick a design you like to make your bed more welcoming. Since pillows are particularly personal, you may like to bring your regular pillow from home.

4. Bring Some Lamps to Adjust the Lighting

An overhead light is useful for illuminating the entire room, but a dimmer light is cozier. Floor lamps that produce yellow light are perfect for adjusting the light levels in your bedroom and living room. Also check if your bedroom comes with a desk lamp (it may if you’re renting a fully-furnished apartment). In addition to being a necessity for studying, this is ideal for creating ambient lighting.

5. Give Your Apartment Some Life with Plants

The right plants can improve air quality and add character to your living space. If you know you’ll struggle to keep plants alive, choose something that requires minimal care, like a cactus.

6. Create an Inspiring Study Space

Turn the area around your desk into a space that makes you feel inspired. For instance, you could add objects or pictures that keep your goals for after graduation fresh in your mind or hang a certificate above your desk to remind you of what you’re capable of achieving.

7. Infuse Your Apartment with Scent

Add scented candles to spots around your bedroom and living room. Take time picking out the candles to find a scent you love — perhaps something that smells like your family home, that makes you think of someone you care about, or has the natural scent of your favourite outdoor place, like the beach or a pine forest.

It’s difficult to make a space feel comfortable if you’re sharing a small dorm room on campus. Find a place you can call home by renting a student apartment at Foundry 1805. Our off-campus Ontario Tech residence has both fully-furnished and unfurnished units with one to five bedrooms. Check out our floor plans to find your perfect fit.


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