How to Keep Your Student Apartment Organized All Semester Long

By September 13, 2021News

When you’re busy with classes, papers, extracurriculars, and all your other commitments, it’s easy for your apartment to become disorganized. The problem is it can be more difficult to focus when you’re faced with clutter. Plus, you’re more likely to become stressed if you’re unable to find what you’re looking for. Dedicate time now to creating a system to keep your apartment organized — that way, all you’ll need to do throughout the semester is make sure you put things back where they belong.

1. Divide Your Refrigerator into Sections

Purchasing storage containers is a quick fix for a refrigerator that seems too full to add anything else. It also makes it easier to find what you’re looking for without needing to empty the entire contents of your fridge. Plus, you can label each container with your and your roommates’ names to ensure any food is definitely yours before you eat it.

2. Store Cleaning Supplies in a Shoe Organizer

Buying in bulk can save money, but then you face the dilemma of where to store months’ worth of cleaning supplies. A shoe organizer is cheap and fits everything from bottles and toilet rolls to cloths and brushes. Hang one on the door of your utility closet where it will be tucked out of the way.

3. Take Advantage of the Versatility of Mason Jars

You can use mason jars throughout your apartment for storing all kinds of small items. They’re particularly useful for keeping your bathroom organized, as you can drop objects of different types into their own jars. Plus, it’s easy to make mason jars look attractive — simply decorate them with stickers, paint, ribbons, or glued beads.

4. Store Your Smallest Items in Silverware Organizers

An alternative to mason jars is a silverware organizer. This is particularly useful for your bedroom, where you may have various pens and other pieces of stationery, cables and chargers, makeup, and other small items that can clutter up your desk. Make sure to give every type of object its own section in the silverware organizer.

5. Create Storage for Your Towels

If your apartment lacks a linen closet, you’ll need to create your own storage for towels. One solution is to affix baskets to the walls of your bathroom — this prevents the need to take up cupboard space. Having extra towels in your bathroom is also great for those times when you forget to bring a towel with you for your shower. No more figuring out what to do when you’re cold, wet, and dripping on the floor!

6. Install Hooks on the Back of Your Closet Door

Instead of burying your belongings in storage containers in your closet, hang the items you use most often on the back of the closet door. You can either install a couple of bars across the door or purchase an over-the-door hanger. Use this to store things like your bags, shoes, jackets, and jewelry for easy access.

The problem with many student apartments is they’re unfurnished. This means you’ll need to purchase a large amount of furniture before you can even start to become organized. A better option is to look for a furnished student rental. Oshawa students have Foundry 1805. The suites come with plenty of storage and the bedrooms are spacious, meaning they don’t feel cluttered even if you accumulate a little too much. Apply now while there are still units available for next semester.


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