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November 2021

What to Consider When Looking into Universities

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It’s important to choose the right university for you to ensure you enjoy the experience of being a student and succeed academically. However, all the choice can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure what factors matter most. To help you come to a decision, there are a few things to consider when evaluating schools.

1. Requirements for Your Major

There’s no need to decide for sure what major you want to take at this point, but it’s helpful to have an idea of what you may be interested in. You can then check the admission requirements for programs at the universities you’re considering to ensure you’ll be able to meet any prerequisites.

You should also be aware that application dates can differ between schools. Make a note of due dates to ensure you have all the documentation you’ll need to apply on time.

2. How You Feel About the University

If possible, you should try to pay a visit to the universities you might like to attend. An open house is the perfect time to go, as the university is set up to show students everything it has to offer. More recently, universities have been providing virtual tours of campus, which are sometimes accompanied by talks and Q&A sessions with faculty.

Whether you visit virtually or in person, use the opportunity to see if you can imagine yourself studying at the school. Does the atmosphere feel welcoming? What do you think of the faculty for your program?

3. Campus Amenities

Find out what amenities campuses have to offer either during a tour or by exploring the university’s website. There may be facilities that are particularly useful for your major. For instance, the library may give you free access to equipment like printers, and there could even be a gym on site.

4. Clubs and Organizations

Attending university is about more than just academics — it’s also about socializing. You’ll find it much easier to make friends when there are plenty of clubs to join and events taking place. Find out if the university has any organizations you’d particularly like to belong to, perhaps related to interests you already have or hobbies you’d like to explore.

5. Things to Do Nearby

It’s even better if there’s plenty to do beyond campus in the surrounding city. If you lack your own mode of transport, you’ll find it more convenient to choose a city with good public transportation.

6. Financial Aid Available

Whereas some financial aid is available no matter what university you choose, schools often offer their own programs to help students pay for tuition and other expenses. If you qualify for any of these, one university could be more affordable than another.

Choosing a university is just the start — you’ll also need to decide where to live. If you want to attend Ontario Tech University, you’ll probably want to search for a room for rent in Oshawa near OTU. For premier student housing, there’s Foundry 1805. It meets all students’ requirements: it’s just a short walk to campus, there’s free WiFi throughout the building, and there are restaurants and stores just across the street. Check out the floor plans to find the right suite for you.

8 Creative Organizations to Consider Starting at Your School

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Most universities have some great choices for organizations to join. However, there may be no organization for a hobby or interest you’re passionate about. The solution is simple: create your own organization. If you’re not sure what kind to start, consider these creative ideas.

1. Dance Club for Everyone

Some schools have a dance club already, but the members tend to be students who learned to dance at a young age and are able to show off some impressive moves. This makes people who just want to bop to a beat feel excluded. By setting up a dance club that’s open to everyone, you put the emphasis on having a good time and not on dancing abilities. Students with physical disabilities will also feel welcome. This is a great choice for an organization if you want to stay fit, destress, and be around others in a relaxed environment.

2. Frustrated Students Club

A common theme in student chats is that people are worried, stressed, and frustrated. Set up a club that allows people to release these feelings in a healthy way, such as venting to others, learning to relax, and asking for advice. You could also use the club to share mental health tips and reassure other students who are experiencing a difficult patch that the hard times will pass.

3. Thrift Club

Most students are looking to spend less. With a thrift club, you can all visit thrift stores together to search for the best deals. You can also share or sell items you no longer need, like clothing, textbooks, or décor when you’re moving out of your current apartment.

4. Quiz Night Club

Students spend a large portion of the day learning new things — their heads are exploding with facts. Put these facts to good use by setting up a quiz club. You could hold a trivia night every month or so, each time on a different topic. If you charge a small fee, you’ll even be able to give the winner a prize.

5. Parents Club

Depending on your school, it may be difficult to connect with many other parents. Having a club where you all meet can help you feel less isolated and give you the chance to share experiences, struggles, and stories that you worry your other friends may tire of hearing.

6. Film Club

Who doesn’t enjoy a good movie? Or even a bad one, for that matter? A film club will attract all kinds of students, making it easy for you to meet people from different backgrounds. You can either take turns to nominate a film or all vote on your next choice to watch together. At the end of the session, have a discussion — this can be as serious or lighthearted as you want it to be.

7. Foodies Club

Explore new flavours with people who love food just as much as you do with a foodies club. You can visit different restaurants near campus or take turns to prepare a meal. If you end up forming a large group, you could even hold a potluck. Whatever you do, you’re sure to discover new delicious dishes and make new friends.

8. Hikers Club

If your university is surrounded by nature, you’re missing out if you lack a hikers club. It’s often more enjoyable — and motivating — to hike with others. Plus, longer hikes are a great opportunity to have conversations with likeminded people and get to know friends on a deeper level.

It will be easier to run your organization if you live near campus. There’s no need to actually live on campus, though — in fact, it’s more comfortable and less expensive to search for rooms for rent. Oshawa students have Foundry 1805, which is just steps away from both Ontario Tech University and Durham College. Your suite will give you plenty of space to entertain the friends you meet through your organization. Apply now to secure the floor plan of your choice.