Winter Must-Haves for University Students

By December 31, 2021News

Winter can be extreme in Canada, and this can make finding the motivation to go to class tough. You’ll find it easier if you’ve prepared to face the weather with some winter essentials. These will help you brave the snow, ice, and cold temperatures.

1. Thermal Gloves

Just sticking your hands in your pockets will mean your fingers freeze every time you need to do something with your hands, like open a door. Some quality gloves are a much better solution. Never choose simple wool gloves, as your hands will be cold if your gloves become wet. You need waterproof, layered gloves to keep in the maximum warmth.

Gloves that allow you to use your smartphone screen are best of all, as they avoid the need to remove a glove whenever you want to send a quick message, answer a call, or scroll through your social media feed when outdoors. Touchscreen gloves are far preferable to fingerless gloves, as even exposing a tiny amount of skin can be painful when temperatures are low.

2. Waterproof Jacket

Another item of clothing that needs to be waterproof is a jacket. Choose one with a thick lining and in a size large enough to fit over your other clothes to allow you to layer up. If you find a jacket with plenty of large pockets, you may be able to forgo a backpack some days. Plus, this is extra convenient when running errands.

3. Scarf

Scarves are some of the best accessories to have in the winter, as they add to your outfit and serve a purpose. Make sure you bring a few with you to university to always have a scarf that complements what you’re wearing.

4. Beanie

Even if you’re all wrapped up, you’ll be cold if you neglect your head, particularly when it rains or snows — the last thing you want is to be sitting in class with damp hair. A beanie is ideal because it’s designed to keep the heat in and you can pull it over your ears. Choose a neutral colour to match all your outfits or stand out with something vibrant like red, orange, or pink.

5. Hand Warmers

When you need to stay out late, hand warmers can come to the rescue. They’re ideal for activities like attending an evening sports game. If your toes start to freeze, you can also put hand warmers in your shoes.

5. Fuzzy Socks

Back in your student apartment, slip into some fuzzy socks. These are excellent for warming up feet chilled from a long day outdoors. Since they come in all sorts of patterns and colours, it should be easy to find a pair you love.

6. Hot Cocoa

Have something to look forward to when you return home by keeping a pack of hot cocoa mix in your apartment. It’s much cheaper than buying hot chocolate from a coffee shop and simple to prepare. Add some marshmallows and whipped cream to give yourself a real treat.

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