How to Make the Most of Your Last Semester

By January 4, 2022News

When you start college, graduation feels so far away that it’s barely worth thinking about. Eventually, though, that last semester will roll around. It’s exciting to move on, but it can also be sad to think about leaving all your friends and your student life behind. Here’s how to make the most of your final semester before you run out of time.

1. Think About Your Future

You only have a few months left to figure out what you want to do after university. This doesn’t mean you need to make plans for your entire life, but you should have an idea of what kinds of jobs you’d like to apply for and whether you’ll need any training or qualifications in addition to your university degree.

2. Enjoy Your Free Time

Once you’re working full time, you’ll have much less free time. Your last semester of college may be hectic at times, but you should still have the occasional afternoon with no responsibilities. Designate a day to rest and enjoy your freedom, even if that means just binge-watching your favourite TV series or playing video games.

3. Prioritize Your Friends

You may never be with all your university friends in the same place at the same time again. Plus, some of your friends may be moving to the other end of the country, which could make it difficult to stay in touch. Take advantage of the time you have left and make memories you’ll treasure forever.

4. Try New Things

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do or a place you’ve always wanted to visit in your college town, fit it into your schedule. This is an especially good idea if you’ve delayed something until now because it means stepping out of your comfort zone — your last semester is ideal for taking risks and pushing yourself to the limit.

5. Ask Someone Out

If you’re single, one new thing to do is to ask someone you barely know out on a date. No matter if it goes well or badly, you’ll gain something from the experience.

6. Dedicate More Time to Yourself

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by trying to fit too much into your last semester. By now, you should know your limits. Avoid becoming burned out by scheduling plenty of time for your hobbies and for self-care. This is extra important as you near the end of your time at university, as finals and other responsibilities can be stressful. If you’ve given yourself time to relax, though, you’re more likely to gain the grades you want.

7. Appreciate the Mundane

There will be many lasts in your final semester. Some of these you’ll be glad are your last — which is something to celebrate! Acknowledge them all, whether good, bad, or something in between: the last class you attend, your last time at an extracurricular, the last assignment you complete, and the last time you receive a grade.

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