Life Skills You Can Develop During University

By March 12, 2022News

Earning your degree is only one thing you’ll gain from your time at university: you’ll also learn life skills that will help you throughout your career. These are particularly useful right after you graduate, as they’ll make your resume stand out even when you’re up against candidates with experience.

1. Teamwork

Few jobs require you to work in isolation. Most likely, you’ll need to collaborate with others at least on occasion. It’s important that everyone pulls their weight and contributes to optimize the final results. During your time at university, you may gain practice for these kinds of situations by working on group assignments and through your participation in extracurriculars, such as student organizations and team sports.

2. Time Management

The freedom you experience at university will teach you how to organize your time better. You’ll need to create a balanced schedule that allows you to fit a social life and other responsibilities around your classes and due dates. You may even start using new tools to help you with time management, such as a planner and reminders.

3. Digital Literacy

The more general and industry-specific software you know how to use, the better. Some job posts may ask for experience using particular software, whereas other employers will just want to see that you’re a fast learner. At university, you’ll also improve existing digital literacy skills, such as typing, researching online, and assessing the validity of information.

4. Communication

All the assignments you complete at university will involve communication. Often, this will be written communication, but you may also improve your verbal communication skills, particularly if you give oral presentations, participate in discussions, or need to talk with other students when preparing group work.

5. Networking

If you’ve been socializing at university, you’ve been networking. You can demonstrate that you’re particularly capable by taking advantage of additional opportunities, such as study abroad programs, conferences, internships, and volunteering. As well as using these to enhance your employability, networking skills may lead to jobs that you would otherwise never have known about.

6. Creativity

You can demonstrate your creative skills in more ways than taking a creative major. For one thing, even majors that are not conventionally creative tend to have their creative side. For instance, you may need to come up with original solutions to problems. You can also choose electives that push you to learn a new skill, such as painting, screenwriting, or performing arts. Alternatively, you could develop your creativity outside the classroom, like in a club or by running your own business.

7. Leadership

Learning leadership skills will allow you to progress in your career to manage others or become the head of a team. Sign up for a leadership or management class or develop your skills by holding a position in student government, an organization, or a club.

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