Should You Live Off Campus Next Semester?

It’s common to move straight into dorms when you start university, but many students end up living off campus. To decide if you should live off campus next semester, you’ll need to weigh up the pros and cons.

Pro: Rent Is Cheaper

Even though apartments are larger, you’ll have more personal space (including the option for your own bedroom), and you’ll share common areas like the kitchen and living room with fewer people, rent still tends to be less expensive in apartments than paying for a dorm room. This is especially likely to be the case when you add in the cost of a meal plan, which tends to either be a requirement of living in residence or a necessity due to the lack of access to a kitchen. You’ll find that you spend much less on groceries than you do on a meal plan. Plus, you’ll have the chance to prepare whatever dishes you like.

Con: Housing Costs Can Be Expensive

The difference in costs may not always be as great as they first appear. You need to bear in mind that you’ll pay more than just rent when you live off campus. Not all leases include the cost of utilities and internet, and you may need to purchase furniture. Plus, if you’re far from campus, you’ll need to pay for public transport costs and gas.

Pro: You’ll Be Independent

There are far fewer rules to follow when you live off campus. You can invite guests over whenever you want, you won’t need to tiptoe around during finals, and you’ll generally feel more independent.

Con: You’ll Have More Responsibilities

More freedom also means more responsibilities. It’s up to you to ensure that your entire apartment is clean, you buy enough groceries, and you prepare balanced meals. While this can feel like a disadvantage to living off campus, it will mean that you develop skills that will be useful in the real world.

Pro: You’ll Face Fewer Distractions

Other than during finals, dorms tend to be loud places. It’s even worse if your roommate is often bringing friends over or your own friends like to drop by unannounced. Apartments in off-campus housing are usually much quieter, which makes it easier to study or focus on projects and can lead you to become much more productive.

Con: You May Be Far from Other Students

If you rent a room in someone’s house, you won’t be living with any other students. Even if you rent an entire apartment with friends, you’ll still be around fewer people than you would be on campus. The exception is if you live in off-campus housing where all the residents in the building are students.

You can overcome the downsides of living off campus by finding the right student housing. Oshawa students who live at Foundry 1805 receive a fully-furnished suite with utilities and WiFi included in the rent. You’ll be within walking distance from campus and will benefit from services including housekeeping, courtesy patrol, and onsite management. Apply now while spaces are still available for next semester.


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