When to Start Shopping for University Supplies

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It may seem logical to start shopping for supplies as early as possible. After all, the lesson that you should avoid procrastination at all costs is drilled into you throughout university. Buying university supplies for the upcoming semester, though, is often the exception to this rule. It’s worth purchasing certain items in advance, but you’ll find that you gain much better deals on other types of products if you wait until the last minute.


If you’ll be living in a fully-furnished apartment, you won’t need to buy any furniture, which means big savings. However, you will still want some decor to make the place feel like home, such as an area rug, artwork for the walls, and throw pillows. The best time to shop for these is August, as stores tend to be offering great discounts on office and home supplies. Just avoid stores aimed specifically at students, as these are unlikely to have low prices.


Wait until late August or even early September to restock on stationery. Stores begin discounting items as the school start date approaches. Having said that, you should avoid waiting too long, as supplies could run out and you’ll be left with the items no one else wants. Plus, stores will be dedicating less shelf space to back-to-school products and more to Halloween.


Only buy textbooks once your classes have begun and you’ve confirmed with your professor that you do need all the books on the reading list. Talk to students who took the class previously to see if you can purchase any secondhand books, search for used books online, and check book rental services. It’s a particularly good idea to leave renting books to the last possible minute, as you need to avoid a return date that’s a few weeks before your finals.


If you want to save money, restrain yourself from buying clothes as soon as the stores switch from summer to fall apparel in August. By waiting until September or even October, you’ll find that prices are much more reasonable. You may also like to think ahead to winter and start picking up clothing for colder weather. Although clothing is cheapest at the end of the season, it’s still less expensive in October than it will be in November.


You may need some tech before the semester begins, but if it’s possible to wait a couple months before you upgrade your laptop, it’s worth buying later in the year, such as during the Black Friday sales. In fact, if you can hold off buying all your electronics, clothing, and footwear until November, you’ll see some considerable savings.

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