8 Areas to Visit on a Campus Tour


Taking a campus tour is crucial for helping you decide if you’d like to attend a particular college. To make the most of your tour, there are a few places you must make sure to visit. If they don’t form part of the official tour, go exploring on your own.

1. Facilities for Your Major

It’s not enough to know that a college offers the major you want to study — you also need to check if the facilities are top class. Find out what kind of technology and equipment you’ll be using, check the class sizes, and see if you can imagine yourself studying there.

2. Areas for Extracurriculars

When you’re not studying, you’ll often be participating in extracurriculars. In fact, social life at college is almost as important as earning your credential. Visit places on campus that hold meetings for clubs, activities, and unions. Depending on your hobbies, these could include the performing arts and sports facilities as well as the student center.

3. The Dining Area

Have a meal on campus during your tour to try the food. While you’re in the dining hall, consider the atmosphere — this is a place where you’ll often be spending time with friends, whether to eat lunch or just to grab a coffee between classes.

4. The Career Center

Although you won’t be thinking about your future career when you start college, it will become increasingly important as you near graduation. A career center with plenty of resources and supportive staff can make a big difference to how easily you’ll be able to connect with employers. In addition, the career center can help you find internships, practice your interview technique, and fine-tune your resume.

5. The Library

The campus library is a top place to go when you’re studying and want a change of scenery. Check if it has comfortable places to sit, a wide selection of books and other resources, helpful librarians, and spots for group study sessions.

6. The Student Health Centre

It’s important to know what kind of health care you’ll be able to receive on campus, including counseling services. Even if you’ve never suffered from mental health problems before, you may find you benefit from counseling at some point. College can be stressful — it’s always good to know you can turn to a professional with your worries and concerns.

7. Unique Features

Every campus has something that makes it special. For instance, this could be a building with unique architecture, a statue, or a plaque. These features are great indicators of the institution’s values and culture.

8. The Surroundings

You won’t want to spend your entire time at college on campus. Once you’ve finished your tour, explore the wider surroundings. See if there are interesting places to visit during the weekends and sites to show friends and family who come to visit. In addition, think about what kinds of activities you’d most enjoy. Living in a big city will give you access to museums, galleries, and restaurants, whereas a rural area will have more opportunities for outdoor pursuits like hiking, canoeing, and biking trails.

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