8 Ways to Spend Winter Days


Even if you’re not a fan of the cold and are looking forward to when the days turn warm again, you have to admit that winter can be a great time of year. This is especially true while you’re at college because you’ll be surrounded by friends, meaning you’ll always have someone to hang out with. Plus, if you have your own room, you can use a cold winter day to relax or focus on yourself. In particular, there are a number of fun and productive ways to pass your winter days.

1. Enjoy the Snow

Have an old-fashioned snow day with a snowball fight, sledding down a hill in a nearby park, or building snowmen. Make sure you wear plenty of layers to avoid feeling chilled later.

2. Rediscover the Joy of Reading

College students often neglect reading for pleasure because they spend so much time with their textbooks. Pick up an old favourite or a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while to remind yourself of how reading can also be fun. This is a great way to escape reality while you forget about all your responsibilities.

3. Catch Up on Homework

Don’t forget about your academics for too long, though. A winter day when you have no plans is ideal for making progress on some of your assignments. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re busy again.

4. Have a Movie Marathon

If you can afford to take some time off or you just need a break, consider hosting a movie marathon. Stock up on snacks, invite some friends over, and pile the couch with blankets. You could watch old favourites, new releases, or stick to a theme.

5. Take a Nap

Another way to rest and recover is with a nap. You should be at least trying to sleep enough each night, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Catch up on the sleep you’ve missed to recharge.

6. Clean Your Apartment

Once you’re feeling refreshed, put that energy to good use by cleaning your apartment. While doing a load of laundry, you could declutter your desk, take out the trash, or do all the chores that fall to you that week. If you play some music or listen to a podcast while cleaning, it won’t even feel like much effort.

7. Video Chat with Your Friends or Family

Check in with someone back home through a video call. You may realize weeks have passed since you had a proper chat with someone important in your life.

8. Do Some Baking

Experiment with a new recipe for cookies or cupcakes to share with friends. You could enjoy your creations during a movie night, bring them to your next club meeting, or offer them to your roommates — this is sure to make you extra popular.

You’ll have a better time during winters at college if you live close to other college students but also have your own space. An alternative to living on campus is to move into a student community. For Durham College student housing, there’s Foundry 1805. You’ll be able to meet new people in places like the wellness center and study rooms. Plus, when you want to spend time alone, you can retreat to your private or semi-private bedroom. Book a tour to see the suites and facilities for yourself.

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8 Ways to Spend Winter Days