The Top Experience Gifts to Give a Loved One


Some people are notoriously difficult to buy for. It may be they have everything they need already or they may not be particularly interested in material possessions. For these loved ones, nothing is better than an experience as a gift. Besides, experiences are far more memorable, they’re easier to personalize, and they can be affordable even for college students on a tight budget. Here are a few options to consider.

1. Be Tourists in Your Hometown

When you live in the same place for many years, it’s common to neglect some of the top tourist destinations right on your doorstep. Dedicating the day to being tourists can be great fun. Research activities to do together, such as museums and landmarks to visit, a new restaurant to try, and anything else that’s popular with visitors. If your hometown isn’t a big tourist destination, you could also do this in a nearby city or your college town.

2. Take a Class

Has your loved one always wanted to learn a particular skill or try a certain activity? Search for classes in your area or online and book one to take together. For instance, you could learn a craft, take a photography workshop, or try improv.

3. Have a Home Spa Day

There’s no need to spend a huge amount on a trip to the spa — you and a loved one can pamper yourselves at home. Purchase everything you need for a DIY kit, such as face masks, foot soaks, scented candles, hair masks, and more.

4. Go to a Concert

If your loved one likes many of the same bands as you, search for tours over the coming months to see if there’s a concert you could attend. You may find there’s a good option a few hours away, meaning you can turn the experience into a weekend trip.

5. Cook a Meal

Preparing a full-course dinner could be the perfect gift for a couple people, such as your parents. Create a menu for the evening that contains all their favourite dishes, including dessert.

6. Send Letters

It’s always a pleasant surprise to receive a handwritten letter in the mail. You could even make this gift extend for a few months by sending your loved one a series of letters, each of expressing your feelings or sharing memories. You may also like to ask your loved one to reciprocate, starting a letter exchange.

7. Read Your Birth Charts

If your loved one is interested in astrology, you may find it interesting to read your birth charts. This is a particularly good choice for a partner, as you can find out more about your compatibility. With just your birth date, time, and location, you can receive a reading from a professional or use a free resource.

8. Gaze at the Stars

Another way to involve the stars in a gift is to plan an evening of star gazing. Download an app to help you identify the constellations.

9. Bake Together

Purchase all the ingredients you need to bake cookies, cakes, or other sweets and bake with a loved one. You could use the opportunity to share recipes and techniques or have a competition to see who can create the best treat.

10. Go to a Comedy Club

Check tour dates for your favourite comedians or visit a local club to check out the up-and-coming talent — you may even discover the next big name in comedy.

11. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

An experience that works best with a group of people is a scavenger hunt. Create clues to send your loved ones all around your neighborhood. Lead them to a prize at the end, such as a lunch together at your favourite local spot.

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